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Four easy steps to kick-ass Luminar custom Looks

Looking for a time-saving solution to your post-editing workflow? Here are some quick and easy tips to become more efficient while making sure you keep your personalized editing style by creating your own customized Luminar 3 Looks.

What is a Look?

A Look is a recorded set of filters, and it helps to edit images in a very fast and personalized way. A big advantage of Luminar’s Looks is that they are still fully customizable once saved. Which means you can tweak them over and over again — you are not stuck with the base Look you’ve saved at first.

How to create our own Look in four easy steps

1. Create a new adjustment layer

Starting from scratch, open an image in Luminar and create a new layer. To do so, click on the small + at the upper right of your screen and choose Add New Adjustment Layer. This will allow you to make modifications while preserving your original image.

2. Add filters

Now that new base is created, click the Add Filters button to your right. This will show up the Filters Catalog menu. There are more than 50 filters available to chose from, all of them being editable. You can scroll down or even search with keywords. Add as many or as little as you like.

3. Save your Look

Once you are happy with the look of your image, simply go on the bottom right of your screen to the Save Luminar Look button.

A small box will appear. Type whatever name you feel like at the moment (you can edit this later if you want). I went for “Beach1” for this purpose.

4. Apply your Look to any image you like

All your saved Looks can be found by clicking on the Look panel (a button in the top toolbar that shows a line over three squares). The Looks will appear at the bottom of your screen. You can click on any of them to show instantly the result of each one of them. You can also tweak them to your liking whenever you want too. That’s a big advantage of working with Luminar Looks. You are never stuck with a Look.

Example 1: The paddleboard

The original picture

I’ve created 4 Look variations for this image. Some are cooler, while others are warmer. Some have more structure or added noise. One is black and white; another has a vignette. The point isn’t to show you what filter I’ve used for each one of them. Is to show you how YOUR creativity can give life to YOUR images. Pick whatever you feel like, try new filters and combinations. Each filter builds up on top of another. The possibilities are endless. Once you like a Look and save it, it’s really easy to apply it to any other image.

Edited image with four different Luminar Look variations

Example 2: The hammock

The original picture

For this purpose, I wanted to show you how I’ve used the exact same four Looks to a totally different image. It took me literally 60 seconds to apply these existing Looks.

Edited images with the same previous four Luminar Looks

Friendly tips

I always have my basic go-to Look. It’s like my ultimate weapon, my all time favorite, my signature style. Of course, this effect won’t suit all of my images — depending on the light, colors or subjects. Once my image is opened in Luminar, I click on my All-Star Look. It renders my basic style. Then, I tweak it until I get the look and feel I want for this very image. I change the intensity of a filter, delete some, add some. I still have to put in minimal work, but it’s still far less than if I started from a totally blank layer. This technique allows me to save time, keep a consistent style and personalize my looks to every situation as well.

Don’t know where to start? Download free Looks

A bunch of great Looks are available for free on Luminar’s website. You can apply them to your images, tweak them to your liking and get inspired to create your own.

Looks are about creativity, really. Even if you can find already made recipes, take some time to create your own too. That will make sure you stand out with your very own style and photographic vision.

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