Photoshop Elements has features that can speed up the editing process for those wanting to stay away from the complications of its big sister. One of these features is the one-click Fx.

Keep It Quick… For now

1. With your image open in Photoshop Elements choose the Quick mode.

2. In the bottom right new options appear, click the Fx.


This reveals a new panel with all manner of one click goodies. Some of these will work better than others depending on your image.

‘Tis The Seasons. Choose a One-Click Filter

3. For snow, click the Seasons icon


4. Again, more options are revealed each giving a representation of what the filter will do. For snow, click the bottom right icon of the four.


Immediately the effect is added to your image. If youre not happy with it, click the Undo button at the top of the panel or click another filter to replace it.

Expert is the New ‘Normal’

5. For many images this may be all you want to do, but lets look a little further. Click the Expert tab at the top of the image. This used to say Normal and should, I think, still be called it.

Those familiar with Photoshop and Blending Modes may be surprised to see that the snow has been added with a Blending mode, flattened and then have a Blending Mode of Normal applied to it.


6. You can reduce the Opacity of this layer, change the Blending Mode and paint it away using the attached mask.