Macphun just released a major free update to its customers.  The new update brings improvements to both Windows and Mac users.

  • Added Lens Correction tool.  Both Windows and Mac users can easily repair common lens issues like vignettes, distortion, and chromatic aberration for the most professional images.
  • Added Transform tool.  Whether working on Mac or Windows, the photographer can easily rotate, straighten, tilt, or flip an image for perfect alignment and composition.
  • Detailed Info panel. Learn more about an image’s properties as you work with it.
  • Remove Color Noise in RAW files. Get cleaner, noise-free files for the absolute best image workflow.
  • Improved Dodge & Burn filter. Add light and shadows to any photo with complete control.
    Improved Presets. Plus presets designed are even easier to browse and use.
  • Better Lightroom Integration.  It’s now easy to move images and metadata from Lightroom into Aurora HDR 2018.  Why settle for Lightroom’s 16-bit HDR when you can use a 32-bit pipeline.  Plus DNG files are easier to move across too.
  • Improved Batch Processing. Time-saving batch processing tool scan your folders and automatically queues up images to merge.  If you want to tweak the results you can now move images between bracket groups while batch processing.
Image by Alik Griffin

This is just the first major update to Aurora HDR.  Another is expected near the end of October.


Existing customers, your software will update when you run the application.  New customers can get the application here.