Adobe has announced a new member of the Photoshop family, Project Felix. Project Felix gives designers easy-to-use 3D tools to help them create high quality images with photo-realistic effects without time-consuming workflows or 3D expertise. In the video above you can see the very easy workflow.

In a nutshell, Project Felix delivers in 3 key areas:

  1. Easy access to assets. Project Felix comes with a library of models, materials and lights to help you get started the moment you open it on your desktop. Its integration with Adobe Stock gives you easy access to search, license and grow your arsenal of 3D assets and 2D images.
  2. Photo-realistic results without 3D expertise. Create real-life effects on your composited images quickly and without performing multiple tasks, overcoming high learning curves or enduring cumbersome tools. Easily place an object on a horizon line in a background image just by dragging and dropping. Effortlessly change the lighting in your scene by adding a background image and watch as the reflections and refractions adjust to give your design photo-realistic aesthetics you’d get from a photo shoot.
  3. Breakthrough rendering technology. Built with proven solutions from the 3D modeling industry, Project Felix comes with the most powerful rendering engine to date, allowing you preview your changes without making you wait for a final render to export. You can also enlarge the preview window to see details up close to help you ideate and create in a more agile, uninterrupted creative environment.


A long time friend of mine at Adobe, Zorana Gee, is the principal product manager for Project Felix and she wrote her own blog post with a lot more details about the project. If you are interested in this project, you’ll definitely want to take time to read her full post.

As for getting a hold of this software and beginning to use it in your own workflow, you may have to wait for a bit. According to Adobe,

Project Felix is still early in its creation process and not yet robust enough to meet the high demands of a professional, deadline-driven workflow. Before the end of the year, we will release our first beta of the project to paid CC members, so you can see where we’re headed. We are intentionally releasing it early in its creation process so you can give us feedback to help us build the best product to meet your needs. We want you to give it a whirl and tell us what you think.

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