I smiled so much, my cheeks are still hurting after watching Kaylee Greer’s interaction with dogs on NatGeo’s new show Pupparazzi. Watching the show was entertaining and educational. Here’s why every photographer should watch Pupparazzi.  

A quick overview of the show

The show starts out with Kaylee and her fiance driving to a shoot for an ad campaign. On the way, they stop to visit an animal shelter filled with rescue dogs from puppy mills. They tour the facility looking for one dog to photograph that will represent the shelter to raise awareness for adoption. Having made their pick, they continue on their journey to the ad campaign shoot.

On location

They arrive at the location, talk to the client and discuss the client’s needs for the shoot. Then the fun begins. Kaylee has to select 3 dogs from the casting to appear in the final photograph. This is proving difficult. Kaylee’s chemistry with Sam, her fiance is entertaining as he helps her make the tough choices. Once the casting is complete, The full ad campaign shoot begins.

A personal look at a photographer’s passion

The next segment of the show is a personal story on how Kaylee found the passion for photographing and working with dogs. She takes her viewers through a personal client shoot. During the show’s conclusion, the couple selects a dog from the animal shelter and participates in another photoshoot.

Watch for entertainment, but listen for photography tips.  

This show is fun and entertaining! It’s also filled with great photography tips if you listen carefully. Watch carefully to see how Kaylee interacts with the ad campaign client. She asks the right questions to ensure she’s getting the shots the client wants and needs. Her interaction with the dogs is priceless and showcases her energy and excitement needed to create extraordinary shots.  

Support Pupparazzi so the network will produce more photography shows

Ratings drive content. If Pupparazzi is successful, the network may look into other photography related shows. This will be a great source of education and inspiration for photographers.

Pupparazzi airs Saturdays at 10 PM ET NatGeo. If NatGeo isn’t part of your cable subscription, you can watch it for free online with FOX or by download the free Apple NatGeo app or Android app.