I find that I use Photoshop’s filters to solve lots of problems. Whether its defocussing a problem selection or running a dramatic adjustment like Topaz Adjust. Often times I want to reuse a filter on a series of photos, getting identical or similar results as the previous image. Here are useful shortcuts when working with filters in Photoshop (built-in or third-party).

Repeat the previous filter:

  • Command+F (Ctrl+F)
  • Runs the last filter again with the previously used vales. No dialog box opens.
  • Mac Think “I command the filter to run again”
  • PC Think “I control the filter to run again”

Reopen previous filter with same settings loaded

  • Command+Option+F (Ctrl+Alt+F)
  • Opens the last filter dialog box with previously used values loaded.Can adjust then apply it.
  • Mac Think “I want command the last filter, but with options to adjust”
  • PC Think “I want control the last filter, but with alternatives to adjust”

Fade the previous filter:

This lets you adjust its opacity and blending mode to mix its results with the original image:

  • Command+Shift+F (Ctrl+Shift+F)
  • Must run immediately after a filter. Let’s you mx back original with a fade amount as well as use blending modes.
  • Mac Think “I command the filter to fade and blend”
  • PC Think “I control how the filter fades and blends”

Trust me these are useful.