Ready to take your landscape photography to the next level? Here’s five courses from the 5DayDeal 2020 Main Bundle that are guaranteed up your game, from shooting in the field to post-processing.

Composition Made Easy and Frozen Waterfall Photography by Gavin Hardcastle

I love Hardcastle’s teaching style and this course (and its frozen waterfall bonus) doesn’t disappoint. In Composition Made Easy, learn how to scout, choose and frame your subject for a brilliant shot.

In Frozen Waterfall Photography, Hardcastle shows the exact steps and logic he applies to his editing in Photoshop, to take his shots from a collection of raw files to a stunning finished image.

Essential Photoshop for Landscape by Nick Page

Once you get out of the field, dive into Page’s course to learn the critical tools in Photoshop that you’ll need to turn your photographs into works of art.

Page cuts through the massive (dare we say, cluttered?) potential and possibilities in Photoshop to the fundamentals that will get the job done right specifically for landscape photographers. A must watch!

Sky Replacement Pro by Serge Ramelli

When the real world doesn’t cooperate in the field, Ramelli has you covered. I loved this course for the practical applications, but also for the tips on improving your Photoshop workflow: For example, installing replacement skies into your Creative Cloud library so that they’re always ready to use. No more rifling through folder after folder trying to find the perfect sky for your scene.

Timeblending and Advanced Masking in Photoshop by Mads Peter Iversen

This advanced landscape technique is made super accessible by Iversen in this in-depth walk-through course. The beauty is in the details for Iversen, and this course goes beyond simply teaching essential tools (such as sharpening masks), to applying them with finesse. Learn the tips of the masters that will take your image from amateur to art.

Capture the Night by Ryan Dyar

Dyar’s incredible night landscapes are brought into reach with this two-part course. Capture the Night goes into everything you need to know to capture stunning night skies and landscapes, from seeking out the perfect light sources to post processing.

Then, for those lucky enough to take photos of the aurora: The second part of this bundle takes you step by step through processing photos of this incredible night sky phenomenon. As a bonus, both courses come with extras including RAW files to practice your new skills on, cheat sheets and Photoshop actions.

Ready to get stuck into it? All five of these courses are in the 5DayDeal Main Bundle. Grab the deal today!