Corey Rich is an acclaimed photographer, director and teacher, best known for his adventure photography. As a college student in the mid-90s, Rich began documenting the sport he loved, rock climbing. This hobby initiated a long and successful adventure photography career that continues today.

In 2019 he released a book, “The Stories Behind the Images: Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography.”

Imagery and substance

The size of a text book and filled with equal parts words and imagery, Rich has created a book that acts as a photographic autobiography. From his early days shooting rock climbing on film cameras, to more recent ventures in cinematography, Rich documents the progression of his life and career with each image and story. While doing so, he also chronicles the evolution of the photography industry in general.

Interwoven with his personal memoirs is a collection of business insights, photography tips and industry teachings from his two decades in the business. All of these factors combine to make it a thoroughly enjoyable read for any genre of photographer.

Easy to digest

What I appreciate about this book is its honesty and candor. This is not a portfolio piece of his best images in the form of a coffee table book, although many of his best images certainly make an appearance. It is a collection of the images that helped form him as a photographer, and as a human.

The writing style is easy and conversational, never dry. Pairing humor and honesty with the technicalities of his images, this book is well rounded and easy to consume.

With each image and story taking up only 2–4 pages, this book can be read in small, manageable chunks when time allows you. But, it can also suck you in, and suddenly it’s 1am and you’re telling yourself “just one more story…”

You can read it from cover to cover, or randomly pick images from the table of contents to read the corresponding stories attached to them.

Pick up a copy

This book is an inspirational, behind-the-scenes look at the life of one of the greatest adventure photographers of our time. I thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment value it provided. As a bonus, it felt like I was getting to learn from an industry titan while reading it. From spending days camped on the side of El Capitan, to precariously dangling over a waterfall in Mexico, to unknowingly swimming with crocodiles in Indonesia, this book is sure to hold your attention while also teaching you a few things along the way. Click here to get your copy.