We’ve got a bunch of winners (and we couldn’t be happier)… Thanks to the great folks at KelbyOne, we’ve given away 10 tickets to Photoshop World and a Canon Camera.

First off, the grand prize winner is Daniel Kramer ()

Daniel has actually attended Photoshop World a few times and can’t wait to go back!

“I’m so excited to go to Photoshop World, always my favorite conference can’t wait to go shooting with the camera.”

He will enjoy exploring eight different tracks of learning and putting all the new Adobe, design, and photography knowledge to good use

“I am a web designer and also the organizer of the user group in LA called the LA Web Professionals Group”

Congrats to Daniel… but he’s not our only winner.

Check if you were one of the winners…

  • @shargraphics
  • Shelton Floyd
  • Rodney Turner
  • Matthew Gowan
  • Paloma Romo
  • Loreen Liberty
  • Lauri Novak

Don’t Miss Our Breakfast

So far 20 of you have signed up for our Photoshop World Reader breakfast where you can meet the team behind Photofocus and give us input on the next version of the website. Sign Up Here…. http://www.celebrations.com/rsvp/h76s7xr2keyjdg3xi/envelope

5 Reasons to Go for Photofocus Readers

  1. You can learn from the top experts in the industry like Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Tamara Lackey, Peter Hurley, and Lindsay Adler).
  2. You can save $50 off the lowest ticket price. Use the code PSWFOCUS414
  3. Most of our team will be at the event and you can catch up with your favorite writers and podcasters. Rich Harrington and Kevin Ames are also speaking.
  4. We’re holding our own meetup for Photofocus readers (details soon).
  5. Vegas = Learning + Fun.