We just painted our home office. It was a sunny bright yellow — all the rage twenty years ago — but not brilliant for photo editing. So now it’s a nice modern mid-gray with black and white trim and accents. While that is cause for celebration (it’s only taken years of talking about it), it’s also a really good idea to recalibrate our monitors.

Did you know …

… that your room color can make a huge difference to the color cast on your monitor? Especially if it’s a nice, bright sunny yellow!

While you should be doing a recalibration every 1-2 months, if you are doing home renovating, it’s a great idea to totally recalibrate your monitors then, too.

It’s also a really good idea to research what color is a good fit for your working environment. We figured a mid-tone gray worked well for both of us and worked well with the rest of the house.

The finished room

SpyderX Pro makes it easy

I have been using the SpyderX Pro for a few months now. It is super quick and easy to use, taking just a few minutes before you’re back to editing like a pro again. Check out an article I wrote a little while back about using it for the first time.

So don’t forget — if you repaint, it’s time to recalibrate!