I have used V-flats my entire career as a studio photographer. I’ve always had storage space for the 4-by-8 foot V-flats. But I never, no matter how much I wanted to, took them on location. They were way too big to fit into an SUV. Now I take them everywhere thanks to the innovative design by V-Flat World.

From carrying bag to fully set up in less than a minute

V-flats from V-Flat World come folded into a 40-by-40 inch package contained in a convenient carrying bag.

Face the taped side up

Once the V-flat is out of the bag, rotate it and find the side with the white tape. Put the edge of the flat on the floor and unfold it to about a 45º (ish) angle so it stands on its own.

Bring the wings together

Lift both wings and bring them together
Lift both wings, bring them together, then attach them to each other with the velcro tabs.
Setting up a V-Flat World v-flat takes about a minute.
Setting up a V-Flat World V-flat only takes a minute.
The flip side of the flat from V-Flat World is black.
The flip side of the flat from V-Flat World is black.

The wrap-up

The lead photo shows a catalog set up in a studio using standard 48-by-96 inch non-folding, non-transportable V-flats. That works well when V-flats are available at the studio. For those of us who shoot on location, the 4-by-8 foot flats are often too tall to work in constricted spaces where ceiling heights are 8 feet or even less. And they are impossible to fit in anything smaller than a minivan. Some rental studios do not have V-flats! V-Flat World to the rescue!

Size matters… a lot

V-Flat World V-flats are relatively small. Folded they are 40-by-40 inches and will fit in the back seat of a car and easily in an SUV. They unfold to 40-by-80 inches and fit even in low ceilinged spaces like the studio in my home.