Would you like to take a trip?  In our new series on travel photography we’ll explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  We’ll use this scenic Central American country to illustrate many types of photography as well as share lessons learned.  This full course is also available on lynda.com and you can subscribe to watch the entire thing on their site.

Let’s take a look some of those hummingbird images. You’ll note as we select the different images, you could see the settings that were used in the metadata browser. Now, these settings may be in slightly different places depending if you’re using Bridge or Lightroom. For right now, I’m using Bridge and just taking a look at the key files. You’ll note that the shutter speeds are changing here and it really depends on the f-stop that I used. I’m feeling pretty good. I shot at a relatively high ISO of 1250, but looking in the image itself, it looks pretty clean.

The trick here is to be able to find a good image, so let’s scale the thumbnails up a little bit larger. And just take a look through what we have. This looks pretty good to me. Now, you’ll note that the hummingbird does indeed move fast. In between the burst mode, the bird went from here to landing, so, that was just a split second. You’ll also notice in many of the shots, that it’s a bit distracting because we have bees that were also being attracted to the flower nectar, so I’m gonna need to work around those or clone them out.