Running out of battery power in a camera is a sure way to stop shooting. No juice… no pictures. Sure, you could just swap in another battery… but that approach isn’t always convenient or possible.

  • Shooting video? A dead battery means a lost shot.
  • Shooting timelapse? A subtle change in framing from a bumped camera will quickly destroy the illusion.
  • Shooting Panoramic or HDR? That series is lost and you’ll need to start over.
  • Lose the Moment? Do you really want to miss a shot in the middle of the action because your camera goes dead?

Video and timelapse shooters need to be particularly careful about running out of power with the standard in-camera batteries. Due to the increased amount of data being recorded its a matter of when (not if).

Try one of these two options instead:

  • Get a Grip. You can extend the life of your cameras power capacity by using a battery grip. These can attach to the bottom of your camera and allow you to use an additional battery (or even a higher capacity battery).
  • Go Direct. The other option is to switch to AC power. You may need to pick up the adapter as most cameras don’t include one. Make sure to bring an extension cord or two on your shoot.