Guest Post and Photos by Matthew Jordan Smith

What impact will a photograph have in a hundred years? This question has been on my mind during the past few years. What if a photograph, created today, had the ability to impact lives and inspire people in the future?

A little over a year ago I started on a journey to create a project that would do just that, inspire parents and children to dream big. I call the project Future Presidents. Ive been traveling the country, going state-by-state, photographing children and planting the idea that they can become a future president. It is my hope that the act of highlighting these children will impact them and other children to see themselves as possible presidents in the future.


Today, Id like to invite you to join me and be a part of the Future Presidents project via Kickstarter. I need your help and support. In return for your support I am offering several support packages that range from a public thank on Facebook to a celebrity-style photo-shoot in Hollywood California.


Imagine an American President speaking one day and saying they read a book as a child that made them want to become the President. Imagine your family seeing your name printed in that book as one of the people who helped make the project possible. This book is for you and our future and I believe together we can make a positive impact on Americas future.

Always Dream Big

Matthew Jordan Smith