If you own any Nik Software products (such as Silver Efex Pro and HDR Efex Pro like I do), you should know that Google bought the company recently. That’s not the news though. What’s important is that you transfer your customer info over to Google if you want to get support or upgrades.

Going forward, Google would like to provide you high-touch technical support for the Nik Software products. In order to be able to do this Google needs to receive the information that Nik Software has about you and your past software purchases such as your name, email address, purchase history, and any other interactions you have had with Nik Software. We ask for your agreement to transfer this data from Nik Software to Google Inc. This data will be used by Google for the purpose of providing you high-touch technical support for Nik Software products if you request such support. The data that is transferred to Google will be subject to the Google Privacy Policy.

The deadline for transferring is December 7, 2012. Visit http://www.niksoftware.com/company/usa/entry.php?view=privacy/en_transferyourdata.shtml