A few weeks ago Photofocus founder Scott Bourne paid me a surprise visit. He made Viera Wetlands — a popular site for birders, photographers, and eco-tourists– one of his stops in Florida to capture some amazing bird photos. Not being a bird photographer, I wan’t sure if I could keep up but Scott was a generous teacher and all of us on the shoot got good images.

Not knowing much about the wetlands, I called my good friend Michael Tapes –inventor of LensAlign for advice. Michael is also a bird photographer. I asked him if he could take us on a tour of the wetlands. He was excited to join us and meet Scott; I knew they have heard of each other but I didn’t realize they have never met. 5:30 a.m. came very early the next day! Scott shared his birding expertise with us as we shot all morning. As a token of his appreciation, Michael offered to calibrate each of Scott’s lenses to his camera body. Scott took him up on his offer. The next morning we went to Michael’s house and he showed us how it was done. Impressed, Scott asked if we could put together this video for Photofocus. Thankfully, fellow Photofocus author and video guru Nick Minore was with me to help make that happen and here is the result.