I’ve had the honor of teaching at well over twenty Photoshop World conferences. While I am there to teach; I am also there to learn. What a great opportunity to discover new ways to work in Photoshop, a lighting idea (Thanks Glyn Dewis!) or something I didn’t know Lightroom could do. Photoshop World offers concise, info filled classes each lasting an hour. In sixty short minutes new ideas are born, creativity ignites and those in the room are inspired. It’s three days of fun learning.

What I want to see

Business Track

Tim Wallace rocks the world of photographing automobiles in the U.K. He has created an amazing business for himself. I two back-to-back sessions he delves into Building a Successful Business Model then follows up with Taking Your Business Forward. Joel Grimes shares Proven Tips on Getting Hired a must see for all working photogs.

The business track is new to Photoshop World and happen only on Tuesday August 11th.


Jack Davis invented the WOW factor in teaching Photoshop. His class Fantastic Photoshop Features Photographers Often Forget is definitely on the “must see” list. Commercial Photographer’s Workflow is there too. Jim Divitale is a master and commander of Photoshop. Period. These are on Wednesday, August 12th. Fashion & Beauty Retouching presented by the inspirational Lindsay Adler is a tour-d-force by a young amazingly experienced fashion photography pro on Thursday the 13th.


On Wednesday, don’t miss Linday’s How to Flatter Anyone in the Lighting Track. Later that day, Frank Doorhof’s killer class Mastering The Model Shoot also on Wednesday is a must see. Thursday morning Tim Wallace returns doing what he does best in his Live Car Shoot.


Ok. This isn’t a track, but art happens at Photoshop World. Don’t miss Jim DiVitale’s Photoshop Compositiong Techniques in the Expo Hall’s KelbyOne Theatre on Thursday morning. The Art of Photography hosted by Jim DiVitale features the work of some of the top photographers in the world all on the same stage. Finally, if you have never seen Jay Maisel don’t miss his two part class Light, Gesture & Color. Jay is undoubtedly one of the grand masters of photography.

Photos that have been inspired by Photoshop World instructors

Here are a few photographs I’ve made that have been inspired by some of the instructors mentioned above. After you experience their sessions, you’ll hardly wait to start shooting new work.2192-PSW LV lightingKevin is a commercial photographer from Atlanta. He works for fashion, architectural, manufacturing and corporate clients. When he’s not shooting, he contributes to Photoshop User magazine & writes for Photofocus.com.