Whether it’s your dad or the father of your kids, if he’s into photography, I have a few ideas for you.

The adventurer

Perhaps your hubby is the adventurous type and you are too. In this case, maybe you could get the kids to get him The Adventure Challenge kit. Fun and quirky, with adventure ideas to explore and capture.

The creative dad

Maybe the dad in your life is a little more creative? How about the Lensbaby Spark 50mm? Or Lensbaby Omni filter system? These are fantastic bits of gear for adding that extra creative flair to your work.

The professor

Well, he doesn’t have to be a professor, but perhaps just loves to learn and read about photography. “How to Photograph Absolutely Everything” by Tom Ang might be just the ticker for just $14.99 on Kindle.

The nostalgic dad

Maybe the Dad in your life is of a more nostalgic type — we can’t forget him. Check out this creative custom photo collage wall clock, custom star map or Umiko iPhone case.