Luxli, a Gradus Group company, has introduced three instruments in their Orchestra of L.E.D. lights. They are the 10-inch Cello,  1foot square Tympani, and the 5-inch Viola.

A rainbow symphony of lights

These lights are nothing short of amazing. Each one has individual white balance settings for tungsten, fluorescent, daylight, overcast, open shade and snow. Each light can dial in specific color temperatures from 3000ºK to 10,000ºK as well. They have a hue control for dialing in an exact color. For example, 0º is Red, 120º is Green and 240º is Blue. There are another 357 shades on the color wheel available too! The Cello and Tympani lights offer a full set of emulations of Lee gels all available at the touch of a dial.

Portable luminaires

Viola and Cello use the Sony style NP-F batteries while Tympani uses V-mount batteries.

Remote conductor

The Luxli Conductor app for iOS and Android controls multiple lights in perfect harmony.Just as a symphony orchestra has a conductor leading the music, the Luxli Orchestra has a conductor app that controls brightness, color temperature, ºKelvin, filters and special effects. The Conductor is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Conductor connects via Bluetooth and controls its instruments individually or as a group. Conductor offers Sine, Rainbow, and Strobe special settings which are super useful for video lighting effects. The control the app offers makes leading this orchestra easy and lighting with it is frankly a lot of fun.

The special effects

Strobe a setting that flashes the light on and off. Each instrument can have a different strobe setting for speed and color. Rainbow cycles the light between a range of preset hues. Each instrument can have a different rainbow setting. Sine ramps a color up then fades it. Gradient is so cool. Take a photo with your phone or choose one from the camera roll. Run your finger over colors in the picture. Conductor generates a gradient that any of the instruments can play back. Create a gradient in Photoshop, send it to the phone and open it in Conductor. Run your finger across it and the light reproduces the gradient. Want the light to be off? Use black in the gradient.

The L.E.D. light orchestra is available now from B&H.