Many photoshoots take place inside or in a studio, but occasionally an outside shoot is required. So, how do we keep our models, crew and cameras warm and comfortable when heading outside?

Why you should photograph outside

The world around us provides some of the best backdrops and stages for taking amazing photos. Making use of the features outside beats an artificial human-made studio any day. Apart from anything else, natural light is also a great way to enhance the photos you take.

Photographing outside is also currently safer than indoors. When your models are in an open space, they can quickly put away their masks without being scared of getting COVID-19. As long as you follow the regulations and practice social distancing, it should be pretty safe!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Now is the time to finally look for a change of pace. I am switching things up while still following the regulations during COVID-19. Staying in the same place and squeezing every single ounce of creativity from surely works. But there will be a time when you will need newer inspirations and perspectives, and what is a better source of inspiration other than Mother Nature, right?

First of all, check if your area allows for outdoor photography activities. With that out of the way, it is time for some online scouting! You could absolutely scout the potential locations on wheels, but using social media will work just as well if you plan to shoot at public facilities like parks.

Check if they are open if you plan to use their services. Use Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter or other social media that the facilities probably use.

But if you would like to shoot on the streets, then go ahead! Pick a street that fits your aesthetic and goals.

How do you keep models warm?

Remembering that we are currently in a tight situation with COVID-19, choosing places far from crowds is a great call. It would keep you, the model and the people around them safe. It is better to shoot in the streets (or in the woods) instead of those malls or crowded storefronts.

But these places are often cold and could reach harsh temperatures for your models. Although everyone has their own tolerance toward the cold, you should at least prepare a few things to warm them up.

Stock these items whenever possible, too! Items such as blankets, hand warmers or even a thermos filled to the brim with hot coffee. These items do not cost a fortune but go a long way to keeping your models smiling and amenable.

Your models, work partners and yourself included will appreciate the thoughtfulness. You will appear more professional and empathetic. This situation provides a win-win for both sides. The photographer can have models that pose optimally, and also stay healthy after the photoshoot.

Sure, you could bring a heater with you or just rely on your car’s heater. But if there are alternatives that do not strain your budget, why not?

Shooting outside will surely expose your model to the outside elements particularly during the winter months, like snow and chilly air.

Unless you are shooting using winter clothes that will insulate your models from the outside weather, you do not really need to stock them. But there will be times that your models would need that extra hospitality to get them ready for the next shot.

Treat your models well, and you will most likely achieve what you desire or even increase their performance. Make sure that both you and the model enjoy your photo shoots by incorporating certain practices too.

Be sure to check out part two, where I’ll dive into some best practices and strategies.