Would you like to take a trip?  In our new series on travel photography we’ll explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  We’ll use this scenic Central American country to illustrate many types of photography as well as share lessons learned.  This full course is also available on lynda.com and you can subscribe to watch the entire thing on their site.

A lot of photographers I know get nervous about traveling, particularly if they’re traveling with their family. My family accompanied me on this trip. In some cases I used my children as models during the shoots, and other times we just had a great family fun trip. My son is interested in photography and my daughter is also growing an interest, so this was a great time to teach them more about photography. Like many of you, my spouse was a begrudging participant. She was willing to go along and I was able to shoot for large portions of the day, but because we made sure that we thought everything through and I traveled light, I was a good travel partner.

Of course if you’re traveling on your own or with your family, safety may be a concern of yours, so let me tell you a bit about my own experiences. First up, it’s always a good idea to check with your state department or government because they’ll have travel advisories. At the time of this recording and when I traveled to Costa Rica, I found that it was a relatively safe country. Now Costa Rica is a middle-income country and it’s considered developing, but it is not a tremendously poor country. Many people are doing fairly well due to the tourism industry.