Whether you are an amateur or professional, most photographers understand the “rules of photography.” However, following those rules is up to you. In the latest episodes of the Marc Silber’ Show “Advancing Your Photography host Marc interviewed award-winning photographer Huntington Witherill. Witherill said he’s not afraid to break the rules. In episode 1, “5 Composition Secrets With Huntington Witherill,” Witherill reveals how he visualizes and in-turn, has all of us challenging the way we see and photograph the world!

During his photography career, Witherill has mastered a unique approach to composition. He admits part of that is because of his child-like imagination which is still very much alive and well today. In the past, Witherill studied under Ansel Adams. In episode 2, “12 Creative Composition Tips with Huntington Witherill,” Witherill shares twice as many creative composition techniques. In the video, Witherill said the world is not built in 8×10, it’s not experienced in 8×10, so it doesn’t need to shot in 8×10.

So, forget what you’ve been told. Break the rules. Think outside the box. Challenge your creativity. Lessons learned.