I started making pictures a little more than five years ago, and Photofocus.com has been a part of my life practically everyday since then, and I’ve always appreciated that advertising has been handled as a partnership with terrific companies.

As a reader and listener, and more recently as a contributor, I’ve done business with many of the companies that have advertised on Photofocus, and I’ve had a good experience every time and my work has benefitted. Today, I’m happy to announce a partnership that will help you enhance your photography and make your images (whether moving or still) more memorable and more impactful. That’s what SongFreedom has done for my work, and starting now we’re going to show you how to leverage their service to enhance your work, too.

SongFreedom makes your work better by letting your reach your audience with power and emotion. Showing your photography with the right music carries the image directly to your viewer’s heart. When we see and hear together, we connect and remember. SongFreedom’s music is powerful cinema-quality songs that people recognize and remember, and the next time they hear that song on the radio your images come to mind and the connection is made again.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/88620830]

That’s powerful stuff. Hollywood pays a lot of money for music with this level of production and connection; SongFreedom offers it to us for as little $9.99. We’re excited to teach you how to present your work most powerfully with the best music on the market.

Oh, and you’re gonna love our next twitter camera contest because SongFreedom is providing a choice of the five best cameras on the market right now. Details on the contest will follow this week.

Here’s a sample of what Joe Switzer makes for his clients, and you’ll see that the music is an integral part of the finished product. I’m really excited to make this sort of presentation with my photographs and help you learn how, too.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/38793249]

Kate and Richey Wedding from Switzerfilm on Vimeo.

Best of all, SongFreedom provides peace of mind! Record companies actively protect their copyrights, but you won’t have to worry about big music labels suing you for publishing a slideshow with music from your iTunes collection. You won’t have to be ashamed that YouTube removed your client’s wedding video for copyright infringement. You won’t have to settle for a reproduction of your favorite songs by a guy in his garage with a synthesizerSongFreedom gives us access to real music by real artists with real license to use it. I’m an artist who hates when people use my images without permission, so I love the liberation SongFreedom gives.

I can’t wait for you to see how great this is. Welcome aboard, SongFreedom!