This week’s podcast catches up with two very different photographers. First up we catch up with portrait and headshot photographer Peter Hurley about his methods and approach. Then we talk with astronaut and photographer Reid Wiseman about making pictures from outer space.
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Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley is a New York photographer who found his way behind a camera after starting his career in front of one as a model and actor. He first picked up a camera to photograph his work making the US Sailing Team for the Olympics. This lead to a mentorship with photographer Bruce Weber who encouraged him. He’s since gone on to shoot advertisements for Levi’s, Reebok, DKNY, Johnnie Walker and Axe Deodorant to name a few.

Rich and Peter talk about:

  • How did Peter get into photography and specializing in portraits?
  • Portrait photography and how the industry is doing?
  • How do you capture a personality in a portrait?
  • Establishing value for a client
  • Getting someone in front of you camera everyday
  • Mistakes people make when creating a headshot
  • Learning confidence
  • How are Headshots used and has digital media made a difference?
  • Peters favorite thing to capture
  • Timeframe spent with someone when taking a portrait.
  • Information about Peters new website
  • Photoshop World advice on what you have to see and do
  • Where to find Peters gear information?
  • Where to find Peter on Social Media?

Peter Hurley will also be a presenter at this year’s Photoshop World.

Astronaut Reid Wiseman

Astronaut G. Reid Wiseman completed astronaut candidate training in 2011 and has served as flight engineer aboard the International Space Station for Expedition. On May 29, 2014, Wiseman launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station along with Soyuz Commander Maxim Suraev of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. They undertook a 165 day mission that included hundred of scientific experiemnts and several spacewalks. They set a milestone for station science by completing a record 82 hours of research in a single week in July.

Pamela and Reid talk about:

  • Background of Reid Wiseman and what does he do?
  • What kind of training do Astronauts get with photography?
  • What were the biggest challenges and differences from shooting on Earth versus shooting in space?
  • Amount of photos taken in space?
  • Zero gravity situation, how are you stabilizing that camera?
  • What are examples of a typical photograph that is taken from space?
  • Does Reid shoot a lot of when he’s back on Earth?
  • Go to gear accessory that you absolutely cannot be without
  • How does the human element play into the images that are taken?
  • What happens with these images, what the purpose behind why these images are taken?
  • Where can you see some of these images?
  • Advice for budding photographers, what would you give about something that youve learned about?
  • Humans are also a very powerful force. Theres no part of this Earth that hasn’t been touched by our hands.

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