Many photographers worry about making the switch to DSLR Video. The gear and the challenges can seem a bit overwhelming at first. I thought it might be helpful to point out some of the things the two mediums have in common.

  • Your gear. The investment youve made in equipment translates very well. Your camera body likely shoots video, and good lenses are good lenses.
  • Composing the frame. Youve probably spent a good deal of time practicing composition. Your ability to actually position the subject within a frame to tell a story goes a long way. When it comes to composition and framing matter, you can use them to convey the message of your subject. Where you place your subject and what you surround them with conveys both information and an aesthetic sense.
  • Its all about lighting. Photography is all about capturing the light. Most photographers know more about lighting than many video professionals. Remember that lighting serves two major purposes. It plays a technical role in providing the illumination you need for exposure. Lighting can also express emotions (even serving as a character in the scene to express tone).
  • The subject is what matters. As a storyteller, its what you put in front of the lens that matters. Continue to put though and planning as you choose subjects and locations. Enhancing both with art direction and performance coaching helps as well. Other details like wardrobe, makeup, and color design matter whether the image is moving or not!

I hope this advice gives you confidence in tackling your next video project.