One of the least exciting piece of photo gear has to be a sandbag. I can’t remember the last time I was in a room filled with photographers and we enthusiastically talked about them. Although sandbags are not exciting, they are an important piece of gear that adds safety to a set.

Common Uses for Sandbags

  • Weigh a light stand down.
  • Counter balance for a boom.
  • Steady a tripod in wind during long exposures.
  • Keeping seamless paper from curling.

Avoid a Mess (Add a Bag Inside)

Here is a neat trick. Fill a heavy duty plastic Ziploc bag with sand, then insert the bag inside the sandbag. This keeps the sandbag clean plus makes it easy to empty for travel or shipping.

If you need to travel, you can go with empty sandbags. Then when you get to your destination, hit the beach or stop by a Home Depot and buy a 50lbs bag of play sand for about 4 bucks.

ePhoto FOUR Photo Video Sand Bag Light Stand Sandbags by ePhoto INC 4SBblack

I know sandbags are not exciting but the safety they add to a set makes them an asset to your business liability insurance!