During a walk on an early October evening in 2006; I came across this gentleman taking a picture with his phone of the building in the background. If you are of a certain age, you already know the building. You know why hes photographing it. It represents a moment burned into his memories of childhood. He knows exactly where he was and exactly what he was doing that afternoon fifty years ago today.

Me? I was at the Elks Rehabilitation Center in Boise, Idaho waiting to see a performance by Jimmie Dodd and the Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers when the announcement was made that President Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas by a gunman shooting from a sixth floor window of that buildingthe Texas School Book Depository.

It seems that each generation has its own singular touchstone memory of history. The attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7th 1941) that sent the U.S. into World War II was it for my parents. The generation that followed me knows it for the Challenger Disaster. The whole world knows for 9/11. Only the Book Depository still stands as it was on its fateful day in History.