Special thanks to Mrs. Pepper who encouraged me to click-and-tell, and share just a bit of humor.

Soon after becoming a professional photographer, I was very lucky that Nikon agreed to my proposal of sponsorship.  For many years I chose to remain committed to Nikon and have always been very happy doing so.  It didn’t hurt that, during those years, there were fewer fish in the sea compared to today.  And even though Canon users attempted to seduce me into using Canon’s also-attractive equipment, the attraction wasn’t strong enough to divide my assets.  After all, some of my photography gear could still be used with Canon, should I decide to leave Nikon.

Ron Pepper
Alcatraz Virtual Tour with Nikon D800

It’s no secret that I did experience Canon’s bodies a few times over the years, and I liked them.  But I always returned to Nikon, and Nikon always stood by me.

More years went by and, like many 40-somethings feeling our age, I felt weighed-down.  Full-frame cameras have big lenses, they lack touchscreens, and I wanted to remember what it felt like to use the K.I.S.S. Principle.

So without discussing it with Nikon, after all cameras can’t discuss things, I came to the conclusion that I would become polycamerous.

Now I spend much of my time with Olympus.  Olympus is younger, lighter and more exciting.  Olympus comes up with new features all by itself where Nikon remains wonderful but always the same.  I can always count on Nikon to come through for me where sometimes Olympus crashes. But I feel that Olympus only crashes because it’s trying hard to impress me with features Nikon hasn’t even thought of — and apparently won’t try when asked.

Ron Pepper
Shooting the Critters with Olympus OMD-EM1

Traveling is always an interesting time in the polycamerous life.  Should I invite Nikon or should I invite Olympus into my bag.  Well sometimes it’s an easy choice such as business trips and I need my reliable partner that has been creating panoramic and other images with me for years.  We know how to work together, enjoy doing so, and the results are always excellent.  On the other hand, I still want a good camera with me when I travel for personal reasons, yet packing/carrying Nikon is a significant effort.  Since it’s extremely rare that I don’t do something photography business related when I travel, bringing Olympus is just right to feel young and wild and free.  In fact there are times that I bring both… just to keep my options open.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but sometimes I’ll even go out in the city with (wait for it) — iPhone. But this is purely because I want a relaxed experience without worrying about either Nikon or Olympus. I wouldn’t really include iPhone with my polycamerous life since I never get to know an iPhone well before it’s replaced about once a year.

But for my two cameras, I love them both, and I think they both love me.