When I was a kid, I watched my uncle Pat fix our kitchen sink. He laid a thick padded blanket over the ledge of the small cabinet opening under the sink. He positioned his tools within arms reach and hung a small light inside the dark hole. He looked at me and said, always get comfortable when working on a long task. Of course I didn’t understand what he meant, but years later his words of wisdom resonate when Im faced with a long task. Get comfortable is what I tell myself.

Fast Forward to the present. While I was teaching a street photography class in Key West Florida, I noticed several attendees walking around taking photos with heavy gear on their backs. To say it was a hot Florida day is an understatement. I thought, there is no way anyone can be comfortable shooting like this. I asked my friend Sharon Johnson to exaggerate being uncomfortable while shooting to help prove my point.

After a good laugh, this is the advice I shared:

  • For street photography, travel light. Pack only the gear you need and get a great carry lens like an 18-300mm or 24-70mm.
  • If you have a backpack, put it down while shooting. Wrap the shoulder strap of the backpack around your leg if youre worried it may get stolen.
  • Dress accordingly for the climate youre in.
  • Stop for a moment and enjoy the view, then with a smile click away.

These street photography tips can easily be applied to any style of photography or task for that matter. The key is to get comfortable so you will stay on task longer and enjoy what youre doing.

*Feature image olly / Dollar Photo Club