I just completed leading a group of photographers through the urban environment around my office. We were participating in Scott Kelbys Worldwide Photo Walk.

I lead the group through some pretty tame surroundings… no national monuments, beautiful parks, mountains, lakes, or sunsets. Just boring suburbia. Now we didn’t wander the streets, but we did try out some non-standard shooting locations.

  • An auction house with an outdoor sculpture collection
  • An antique store
  • A new mixed use building
  • A motorcycle shop
  • A historic church
  • An old theater

I picked a winding path through the areas surrounding my office. The goal was to force people to look hard for obscure photos in less obvious surroundings. Sure, I called out some advice along the way… and I did actually run the course before taking people out.

A few commented on how few images there were to be found. I guess I like the challenge. Sure, its great to hike into a beautiful sunset or get an iconic landmark… but for me, I often look for the hidden shots.

I like to shoot in unexpected places. Wander about and find the shots that are otherwise missed. Im not sure that everyone enjoyed this approach, but I hope some got the lesson and that you might try the same on an upcoming walkabout.

You can see some of the results they got here http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/pool