Photojournalist David Gilkey; from

Photojournalist David Gilkey and his translator (also a photographer), Zabihullah Tamanna, were killed Sunday, June 5, 2016 in Afghanistan. He was on assignment for National Public Radio (NPR), a major news network in the United States. Here are some relevant links:

David Gilkey Bio on NPR

NPR’s initial article on Gilkey’s death

From what I’ve seen of his work, it was remarkable. Gilkey has garnered many of photojournalism’s most prestigious awards over the years. Gilkey is not the first journalist killed in war recently, and we owe a debt to the hundreds of others who have died in the last several years while bringing us news and stories which ultimately define the history and legacy of our time. Gilkey’s photographs are among the most moving war-time images I have seen. Pictures like his are exactly what define the Vietnam War in my memory, and his work is helping define the current wars for me now. Because of his death, I am studying his work and the stories he and others have told, and as I search I see so much of the world and so many stories I was not exposed to when they were fresh. This is the heritage of photography: powerfully telling stories from the past as though they just happened. I’m grateful to David Gilkey and the other journalists like him who tell me the stories of the world.