On a recent Hot Gear Podcast, Rich Harrington sat with Chase Reynolds over at LensRentals.com to talk about the hot products that they just can’t seem to keep on their shelves. And of course, with the recent release of the Nikon D810, it’s made the hot topic on this month’s “Hot Gear” Segment.

Start listening to their conversation around 36:00.

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So what is it about this new Nikon D810 that has photographers to jazzed up? According to Chase, this is going to be Nikon’s new “work horse camera”.


My favorite thing about Rich and Chase’s conversation is that they have a vast knowledge about equipment and they tend to geek out on the functions and technology of the products they choose to discuss. So be sure to listen into their podcast discussion for a very well explained knowledge on why and what Nikon improved upon with this new beast. I gathered a few key points that were very helpful for a Nikon lover like myself.

“If you’re only wanting to carry around one camera body,” Chase continues, “the Nikon D810 may be the one for you. It’s a tad lighter than the D800 but it has a new and improved sensor. They’ve also improved the Frames Per Second on the D810 plus it shoots HD 1080 video. But interestingly enough, the first thing I noticed right off the bat is that it’s A LOT quieter then most Nikons and it has a Quiet Mode as well. This can be helpful for shooting events and weddings.”

To read up on more specs, read up on it here. And if you’re thinking of grabbing one of these babies yourself, try before you buy. Renting is a great option for a tight budget.

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