Daylight savings time is over. We are back on standard time. While all of us go through home and office changing the hands and digits so they read one hour earlier, most photographers forget to change the time on their camera.


Fall back time for cameras too

Twice a year it’s time to check the date and time settings on our cameras. This is super simple on most cameras. Go the the Date/Time tab on the camera’s menu, choose it and turn Daylight Savings to read “Off.” While you are in the menu, check to see the date and time are actually correct. This goes for the time zone too. It’s important to schedule updating every camera at once.

Time is important

The camera’s date and time settings are used several ways.

  • the creation moment down to the second of every photo
  • global positioning system (GPS)
  • for stacking HDR exposures


If you use tethering software made by your camera’s manufacturer, chances are there is a setting to update the date and time to the computer’s time settings. These are usually the most accurate time available. For Canon cameras the software is EOS utility. Here are settings it can make directly on the camera body without having to navigate the camera’s menu system.


Clean the camera

While you’re at it, take a little extra time with a toothbrush and soft wiping cloth to clean the camera’s exterior. Use the cleaning cloth to clean the viewfinder and monitor window. This is particularly important with touch screens. Touch screens are germ magnets. When the camera is up to your eye, your lips are touching it. They touch it more if you use your right eye than if you are left eye dominant. In either case, it’s a healthy idea to keep it clean.