Editor’s Note: The following is a repost from respected educator Katrin Eismann from her Facebook page.  I have personally known her for many years and know that she is a top professional and a straight talker.  Ms. Eismann posted today about her visit to B&H.  You can find the story and subsequent comments here.

There have been many comments and people making strong statements in both directions on the state of things at the store’s warehouse.  I have personally visited the store and it’s offices and have not found the things that others have claimed.  Katrin took it upon herself to visit the warehouse. 

I have asked Katrin Eismann permission to re-share with you.

Her response was “Sure. It is public. Please note I am not a journalist or labor relations expert…just showing what I saw and heard.”

 I choose to publish this as it is important to see multiple sides of a story. — Rich Harrington 

Katrin Eismann’s Facebook Post

Recently B&H Photo has been in the news with OSHA and Labor Relations allegations and lawsuits. I was able to visit the NY Manhattan Warehouse that serves the store at 34th & 9th and go wherever I wanted to with a camera for almost two hours. Here is what I found and better said did not find – segregated or non-functioning bathrooms, hazardous working environment, and lack of diversity. I found the same quality and cleanliness of bathrooms that customers use (with the exact same tiles!), locker rooms, break rooms with free coffee (little jealous) and complete diversity of employees taking breaks at the same time, free English classes, and a number of notices about vacation and holiday schedules. Please note I am not an OSHA inspector or a reporter – but for those of you that have said they will never shop at B&H again due to these allegations – you can go back! FYI: I hope to visit the Brooklyn warehouses completely unannounced in the coming weeks.

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