Whether recording detailed in-app tutorials or processing videos for co-workers, friends and family, one of the most effective ways to learn — for myself, at least — is by observing the screen experiences of others. For those using the Apple mobile ecosystem, the ability to create and share insights in real-time has never been easier.

All newer-generation Apple iPhone models (iPhone X and above) with iOS 12 and newer, posess the ability to record quality video screen captures. However, these devices are shipped with this option turned OFF. All you need to do is quickly jump in and tweak the device settings to make this feature active.

The process is simple, follow these quick steps and you’ll be recording in seconds:

1) Navigate to Settings > Control Center

Navigate to the Control Center via Settings to access your device’s Included & More Control applications.

2) Add to Included Controls

Note that the Screen Recording app is not (typically) listed as an Included Control. Simply scroll down the More Controls section, locate the Screen Recording option and click the green + icon to add to Included Controls.

3) Verify Included Controls

The Screen Recording app should now be visible and available to access via the Included Controls list.

4) Verify Quick Access

Navigate back to the home screen, swipe from the upper right corner and verify the Screen Recording option is available via the Quick Access screen.

5) Create and share

You’re all set. Just tap the record button and start creating to your heart’s content.

Thanks for stopping by as always. Questions? Leave them in the comments for others who may benefit!