I’ll admit, I’m a lazy photographer. Not always, but sometimes I just feel like exercising my creativity, picking up the camera and photographing something, anything.

The other day as I was sitting at my desk writing my morning pages, I was distracted by the bright blue sky and the fiery fall colors on the tree and bushes in front of my window. So, what did I do? I grabbed my camera and went outsi …. well, no, not exactly.

I turned around in my chair, at my desk and pulled my camera bag off the shelf. Took my camera out, put on my Tamron 100-400mm lens and yes, you guessed it. I took photos through the window from my desk chair. The epitome of lazy.

Inspire and motivate yourself

I was inspired and felt a jolt of energy having chosen to do this. Why? I started my day with some creativity. It freed my brain from the to-do list I was thinking about, the tasks I had in my planner for the rest of the week and allowed me to just take in the beauty that was right outside my window. I allowed the distraction to be a mental break.

It helps to remember that it’s not always about creating a masterpiece image. Photography is a lot about the process, the doing. We get so caught up in being able to produce something we can push out on social media for everyone to see. Look at what I did, like this, like me. Just as in other art disciplines though, it can be and should be about the process sometimes.

Creativity is good for the soul

I’ve talked about using photography as therapy before and now is the perfect time to take ourselves out of the “real” world for a few minutes and create. Focus on what you see and how it makes you feel. The sunny, bright colors woke me up. Of course, just picking up my camera helps make me feel more creative.

You can even just grab your phone and do this. It’s a good way to get your brain started, not just as you start the day but if you’re feeling stuck or bogged down later in the day as well.

Stop what you’re doing and just grab your phone or camera and wander in your backyard. Take a 20-minute break and see what you can create with light from the windows in your home. Let your mind and imagination just wander. Don’t worry about making a perfect image. Just create, freely. You will feel rejuvenated and when you sit back down to work, you’ll be more focused.

Play. We forget to play. What did you see outside your window this morning? What will you go out and shoot just to take a breather from your work, the news or whatever is going on in your life? It’s a good practice and a great way to start your day that doesn’t take much time.

P.S. That cool bokeh in the cover image? That happened because I was shooting through the screen on the window. Bonus.