Join communities, not just online ones. Those are fine, but the reality is so much better. You’re going to want to find communities that you could be a member of user groups, people that share a similar interest in a tool. They can help answer questions when you have them as well as expose you to new ideas.

  • User groups – Every time I go to a user group, I get a new idea that I didn’t have before. Whether it’s on workflow, business or technology, I get something new.
  • Facebook groups – Facebook groups are also great for those times that you can’t travel. Find likeminded people — some groups are quite negative, and others are positive. Try to avoid the groups where negativity is common.
  • LinkedIn Groups – If you can do so. LinkedIn also offers many great groups on business topics that are similar to Facebook groups but more professional and allow you to engage with others.
  • Professional associations – Look for professional associations in your market. Are there groups you can join that will really help you stay connected with others that have similar interests or face similar challenges.

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