Setting New Year’s resolutions is tough because they often involve goal setting and going to the gym three days a week probably won’t make it into February. I make New Year’s evolutions that help me grow. Personal projects, photography-related or not, are great investments in becoming better. That’s important.

18 months of 2020

When everything came to a lurching stop in March of 2020, like many, I was caught short with how to spend the lockdown productively. So I chose to finish getting my bachelor of art degree that I had started in 1970 at Boise State University.

New Year's Evolutions
My graduation was at Vintage Pizza in Chamblee, GA because COVID was rampant in Idaho. What will be my next evolution?

I started back after almost 50 years in an online program that would span a year and a half. I have always thought of New Year’s resolutions as something I do for a year then move on to something else.

Whoa! That’s when I changed the word “resolution” to “evolution.” A New Year’s project may take longer than a year or it may get finished in two or three months. The amount of time it takes isn’t important. It’s the work itself that helps me grow and get better.

I graduated on the second to last Saturday of 2021.

What evolution is next?

The worst part and probably the reason that most resolutions fail to come to completion is that they are not well thought out, to begin with. All of the ideas run together in a jumble like the photo that opens this post.

That’s OK when you think about it. How does anyone pick a project (resolution) that is meaningful on the spur of the moment when someone asks “What’s your resolution for 2022?”

The answer to that question without careful consideration leads to the project falling by the side of the road rather than being finished.

Give your evolution time

I’ve had a lot of well-meaning people ask “what are you going to do after graduation?” My answer is that I will update my Linkedin profile to show that I have my degree and that I will continue with my photography.

What is my next evolution? I don’t know yet. The important part is that it is at the front of my mind. That means that it will come to me. When? I don’t know. It will appear just like finishing university did when COVID-19 happened. That I don’t have a new project lined up for the beginning of 2022 is just fine. Hey! It might take most of the year to come up with something that really resonates for me.

In the meantime, by writing this post, my desire to have an evolutionary and meaningful project is out in the wild world. I can’t wait to see what I come up with.

What will your evolution be?