Learning as much as you can about lenses is important in elevating your skills as a photographer. After all, a lot of what you can do with a camera depends on your choice of lens. If you feel like upgrading your lens know-how, you might want to to learn about this lens tip to learn more about your gear!

In the video above, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography shares some great tips and insights on the topic. As he mentioned in the first part, MTF Charts are now considered the industry standard for visualizing a lens’ performance. However, he found a couple of reasons to stop using this approach in his videos. In its place, he makes field maps to see how his own lenses perform in terms of resolution and image quality.

He mentioned a number of things to keep in mind with this method. First, you want to shoot your lens wide open. Next, pick a subject or scene with plenty of texture, and focus on the center of the frame. Lastly, if you’re using a zoom lens, make sure to refocus at each focal length.

Once you have your test photos, he describes the process to do on Photoshop. He also notes what to look for once you apply the filter and how to read the results.

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