As humans, we are multi-faceted beings but not without imperfections. We are often insecure about these flaws, especially the physical ones since they are readily visible. This insecurity often manifests in not being comfortable being in front of the lens, for the fear of not looking good in the photos. If that sounds like you, self-portraits is actually one of the effective ways to help you see yourself differently. And by that, I don’t mean the vanity selfies that we see everywhere on social media such as Instagram.

In his video above, photographer, filmmaker and writer Sean Tucker echoed what self-portraits mean to many creative minds then and now. It’s a tool for seeing and showing ourselves differently. It’s not about how we see ourselves in the mirror, or how we strive to make ourselves look good on social media.

Inspired by photographers who choose to present themselves vulnerably in their work, Tucker shared a simple black and white self-portrait and the poignant personal story behind it. Hopefully, he could also inspire you to use self-portraiture as a way to overcome body image issues and be comfortable in your own vulnerability.