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Mobile Mondays: Fused photo and video blending app
Using depth masks from iPhone with Photoshop or Lightroom
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iPhone 13 Pro Max the perfect solution for photo and video on-the-go
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The comprehensive guide to iPhone 13 for photo and video: Capture and image quality
The comprehensive guide to iPhone 13 for photo and video: Lenses
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Should I convert to DNG?

Should I convert my photos to DNG?

Have you ever noticed when importing images into Lightroom Classic, and Copy as DNG is listed as an option? It’s possible you skipped this due to having no idea what it meant, or that you just totally missed it. So,

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Six tips for getting started in newborn photography

Newborn photography can be intimidating if you are just getting started. There are techniques that can make beginning newborn photography easier and create the proper atmosphere and opportunity for sessions. Stack the deck in your favor with these beginner tips.

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On Photography: Steve Schapiro, 1934-present

On Photography: Steve Schapiro, 1934-2022

“My favorite picture in 1965 is this middle-aged Black woman with this sign ‘Stop Police Killings.’ And it’s so relevant today.” -Steve Schapiro Steve Schapiro was born and raised in New York. Away at summer camp when he was 9

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4 TIPS to Edit Digital Photos Like FILM - youtube

Film look: How to edit digital photos like film

The film look remains a popular creative style for various digital photography projects. Admittedly, however, it’s not always practical or doable to shoot actual film. Fortunately, we can always turn to various editing techniques to bring the look to our

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Focusing on details in landscape photography

Details. Most landscape photographers tend not to think much about the details of a scene. Personally, I’ve always found the details to be much more interesting. While I love a beautiful vista with mountains or oceans, my heart and soul

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WMS Boathouse at Clark Park - Chicago, IL

Photographing architecture in winter

As a commercial architectural photographer, most of my clients want images shot in great weather conditions: Blue skies, maybe a few clouds, green grass, leaves on the trees, etc. Living in Toronto, it means I can photograph exteriors from approximately

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