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Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Thomas Clark

Category: Street Photographer: Thomas Clark Photo: “Writing Wrongs” I love that you can’t see the subjects face in this image. It brings power an focus to the words. The angle

mallard ducks taking off

Photographer of the Day: Melinda G

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Melinda G Photo: “You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it. -GK Chesterton” Melinda really did a great job of capturing the motion in this. I

Nicki Panou with "bb" from her series "we are the dead" earns photographer of the day honors for portraiture on Photofocus.

Photographer of the Day: Nicki Panou

Category: Portrait Photographer: Nicki Manou Photo: “bb” “bb” is an art portrait that our Photographer of the Day Nicki Panou has created. It is the first in her series “we

Photographer of the Day: Jesus Villarreal

Category: Architecture Photographer: Jesus Villarreal Photo: “Porta Fira Towers / Toyo Ito + Fermín Vázquez. L’Hospitalet. Barcelona” This very unusual structure is part of a pair of unusual structures, though

Photographer of the Day: Vadim Cojuhov

Category: Magic Photographer: Vadim Cojuhov Photo: “Light Painter” Sometimes magic in photography alludes to the magical light that’s present in a scene. Here, Vadim does some work with light painting,

Photographer of the Day: Steve Stanger

Category: Street Photographer: Steve Stanger Photo: “(walking) under construction” This image by Steve Stanger is proof that street photography doesn’t need to be complicated to tell a story. I can

fall trees and pond

Photographer of the Day: Ohao

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ohao Photo: “Vive l’automne” This image makes me want to sit on that dock, relax and just be. It reminds me of a scene from a fairy tale, some

Photographer of the Day for his portrait "Wakhi" is Robertino Radovix

Photographer of the Day: Robertino Radovix

Category: Portrait Photographer: Robertino Radovix Photo: “Wakhi” This portrait of an Afghani young woman is haunting and innocent and mysterious. Her large wide-open eyes and downward tilted chin haunt us

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hoffman

Category: Architecture Photographer: Michael Hoffman Photo: “Four Seasons” In a word, elegant! With clean, impeccable simplicity, this photograph entices with the beauty of reflection and perfect lines. Originally shared with

Photographer of the Day: Ken

Category: Land + Sea Photographer: Ken Photo: “Walking The Lake” I love photographs that give a different view on things. This aerial shot was actually taken with a Nikon D5300

Photographer of the Day: Joel Williams

Category: Street Photographer: Joel Williams Photo: “Bad Fashion” My eyes instantly went to the reflection in the gentleman’s glasses in this photo. It is incredibly sharp. You can see so

Tahquamenon falls

Photographer of the Day: Mike Hedge

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Mike Hedge Photo: “Tahquamenon Falls” This image makes me a little uneasy in a good way. The feeling of being right there is strong as I’m standing right on

Today's Photofocus Photographer of the Day for portraits is Enio Godoy with "Luisinho - 11 years old."

Photographer of the Day: Enio Godoy

Category: Portrait Photographer: Enio Godoy Photo: “Luisinho – 11 years old” “Luisinho – 11 years old” shows the wonder of approaching adolescence. This delightful portrait is completely without and self-consciousness

Photographer of the Day: Wade Brooks

Category: Architecture Photographer: Wade Brooks Photo: “Lights, Lines and Reflections” This is such an elegant interior portrait of a beautiful building space! Careful positioning allows the viewers to experience the

Photographer of the Day: Phil Campbell

Category: Land + Sea Photographer: Phil Campbell Photo: “Blue Hour on Loon Lake” This Blue Hour sunset by Phil is the perfect serene example combining the land and sea. The

Photographer of the Day: Iain Cairns

Category: Street Photographer: Iain Cairns Photo: “We all need a helping hand at sometime in our lives” I love this image by Iain Cairns the story it tells is powerful but

mono lake

Photographer of the Day: Jose Matutina

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jose Matutina Photo: “The Tufas of Mono Lake” I have to admit I chose this image for two reasons. The first reason is because Mono Lake is on my

Photographer of the Day on Photofocus for portraits is Mike and the photo "My baby girl in the Cotswolds."

Photographer of the Day: Mike

Category: Portrait Photographer: Mike Photo: “My baby girl in the Cotswolds” A dad’s love for his daughter is captured fully in this portrait, “My baby girl in the Cotswolds,” by

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Architecture Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “bibliothèque nationale Richelieu” The grandeur of this structure is more akin to a cathedral, yet it’s a magnificent library! Using careful positioning and an

Photographer of the Day: Steve Stanger

Category: Land + Sea Photographer: Steve Stanger Photo: “lifeguard stand (empty beach)” If you’ve been following my picks for Photographer of the Day, you know I’m big into minimalism. This

Photographer of the Day: Jean Pierre Hazee

Category: Street Photographer: Jean Pierre Hazee Photo: “_DSC9321” How many Pepsi cans do you see in this image? I how that might sound crazy but it was the first thing