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Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Oil drops” As a photographer, I love trying new fun creative things. One of the things I haven’t tried yet is oil drops and after seeing

Photographer of the Day: Jamie Zartman

Photographer: Jamie Zartman Photo: “Ice Chandelier” One of my favorite things about photography is the fact that the artists get to title the image. I am a firm believer that

Photographer of the Day: Frank Bitetto

Photographer: Frank Bitetto Photo: “Untitled” Frank Bitetto sent me this stunning image and said this about it, “The photo was made at the Richmond Art Museum with an iPhone and edited

Photographer of the Day: Karl

Photographer: Karl Photo: “Kylie” This image — WOW! I want a copy of this hung in my office please, Karl. It is so calming to look at. The colors are

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones Photographer

Photographer: Allan Jones Photographer Photo: “Oil drops” Abstractions can fire imagination! This near microscopic view of oil drops in water is lit so intentionally, colorfully, and creatively as to remove

Photographer of the Day: Kristine Hinrichs

Photographer: Kristine Hinrichs Photo: “11.16.2019 Zig Zag” It’s so visually entertaining when an architect intentionally echoes an internal building feature with an external one, especially when it’s going to be

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “forme et structure moderne v2” Sometimes I wonder where Rudy Pilarski finds all of the amazing buildings that he photographs. Then I wonder how long it

Photographer of the Day: Andrew Slater

Photographer: Andrew Slater Photo: “Piercing Winter” As photographers, we’re often instructed not to place key subject components at or too close to the center of an image. And if so,

Photographer of the Day: Edouard Ketterer

Photographer: Edouard Ketterer Photo: “Sur les crêtes du Molkenrain !!!” Sometimes, what’s not presented in an image tells as much of a story as what is there and apparent. This

Kurt Kramer Photography

Photographer of the Day: Kurt Kramer

Photographer: Kurt Kramer Photo: “Impressionist Spirits” I have to admit I’m a little partial to this image because I watched Kurt take it, although I may have titled it “No Photoshop

Charlie Raven photography

Photographer of the Day: Charlie Raven

Photographer: Charlie Raven Photo: “Glastonbury Festival 2019” I have always wanted to attend the Glastonbury Festival and this image just put me right in the crowd. You can just feel the

Paul Munford Photography

Photographer of the Day: Paul Munford

Photographer: Paul Munford Photo: “Fade” This photo is the definition of seeing differently. A wonderfully unique perspective and nice to see a different interpretation of an umbrella shot. Images like this

Phillip William Jenner photographer

Photographer of the Day: Phillip William Jenner

Photographer: Phillip William Jenner Photo: “Ashopton Viaduct, Ladybower Reservoir” The shapes, light and movement are beautiful in this image. I really love the way it all works together and my eyes

Ken Lee photography

Photographer of the Day: Ken Lee

Photographer: Ken Lee Photo: “The Summit Inn” Right out of a movie. That’s the reason why this image made me stop scrolling through the gallery, it looks like a still shot

Photographer of the Day: Ken

Photographer: Ken Photo: “Butterfly” This stunning image titled “Butterfly” immediately caught my attention. The amount of detail you can see is perfect. I love the color contrast going on in

Photographer of the Day: Isabel Sweet

Category: Street Photographer: Isabel Sweet Photo: “Malden newborn photographer | Isabel Sweet Photography” Anyone else think newborn photographers are superheroes playing with tinier superheroes? When I very first started out

Photographer of the Day: Peter Skaugvold

Photographer: Peter Skaugvold Photo: “180601PS290” I love this image by Peter Skaugvold. It has some great contrast. The color is vibrant and draws your attention straight to the little boy.

Photographer of the Day: Ringo Coene

Category: Street Photographer: Ringo Coene Photo: “Appartment” My goal for 2020 is to train my eye to see things like this. I am a portrait photographer so I struggle to

Photographer of the Day: Andrea Fucà

Category: Street Photographer: Andrea Fucà Photo: “IMG_6136” You know you have a powerful image when it looks amazing in color or black and white. They are equally powerful yet different

Photographer of the Day: Bill McCarroll

Photographer: Bill McCarroll Photo: “Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California” This new curator approach which detaches specific categories for us to use as templates frees me to engage my own basic

Photographer of the Day: Tiberio Frascari

Photographer: Tiberio Frascari Photo: “Paris, France,_August_2019_858” This image is a surprising look at what an architect can do not only to the structure of a building, but the appearance and