Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Irwin Scott

Category: Street Art Photographer: Irwin Scott Photo: “Lured by her illusion” Capturing layers in street art is a great way to bring depth of an otherwise two-dimensional object. The artist of

Photographer of the Day: Paul Munford

Category: Street Photographer: Paul Munford Photo: “P” My husband looked at this image by Paul Munford and asked what he used to take it. My response was “TALENT and, of

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Photographer of the Day: Ria Trouw

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ria Trouw Photo: “Luneburg” A lovely, flower-lined street that makes me want to keep walking and exploring. It looks like the perfect day to wander here. This image makes

Gianluca Moretto's "Omaggio a Stanley" earns him Photofocus Photographer of the Day.

Photographer of the Day: Gianluca Moretto

Category: Portrait Photographer: Gianluca Moretto Photo: “Omaggio a Stanley” Oh my droogies, this portrait is real horrorshow. For fans of Stanley Kubrick’s film, “A Clockwork Orange” the vocabulary is completely familiar.

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ritxy Photo: “untitled” Reflections can add tremendous visual excitement, and when the original shapes are amazing in themselves, when combined with their mirror image appear even more

Photographer of the Day: Jamie Zartman

Category: Street Art Photographer: Jamie Zartman Photo: “Untitled” As someone who regularly captures ArtPrize, the world’s largest public art competition, I always enjoy interacting and photographing artists as they complete their

Photographer of the Day: Dean Forbes

Category: Street Photographer: Dean Forbes Photo: “Audience” “This image was made at a community arts festival where I live in Shoreline, Washington. I noticed the man’s hat, lit by the

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Photographer of the Day: Davide Gabino

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Davide Gabino Photo: “Ploumanac’h” What a beautiful black and white image — so much about this is spot on. All of the leading lines that draw the viewer in

Michael Hutchinson's "Venice Beach Artist" earns him the nod at Photofocus Photographer of the Day for portraits.

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hutchinson

Category: Portrait Photographer: Michael Hutchinson Photo: “Venice Beach Artist” A great portrait tells us who the person portrayed is. The story is underpinned by clothing, accessories, environment and the pose.

Photographer of the Day: Northernstar28**

Category: Architecture Photographer: Northernstar28** Photo: “A Bit of Muted Noir….” This is not so much an architectural photograph of “a” building, but rather building itself, and how structures are designed

Photographer of the Day: Stefano Pompei

Category: Street Art Photographer: Stefano Pompei Photo: “Street art in essaouira” I love Stefano’s shot here, because it shows the core of the image — street art — surrounded by

Photographer of the Day: Ivan Rigamonti

Category: Street Photographer: Ivan Rigamonti Photo: “Prime Tower“ To be honest I am not sure why this image by Ivan Rigamonti caught my eye so much. Maybe it’s the unconventional

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Photographer of the Day: Phil Campbell

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Phil Cambell Photo: “Budding Maple and Daffodils” I absolutely love the simplicity of this image. The bright, airy feel of it makes me feel like I’m sitting right there

Fred Leaders' portrait Happy Fathers Day" earns him Photofocus Photographer of the Day honors

Photographer of the Day: Fred Leaders

Category: Portrait Photographer: Fred Leaders Photo: “Happy Father’s Day” What says Happy Father’s Day better than a portrait of a daughter sitting on her dad’s shoulders? Nothing! Right? This warm

Photographer of the Day: Christian Meermann

Category: Architecture Photographer: Christian Meermann Photo: “Wandering Spirits #4” Using the inherent power of Black & White helps this striking interior make impact to the viewer. Including people within the

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Freedom Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Red Arrows” As someone who grew up in Northern Michigan, I always was able to experience air shows during the National Cherry Festival in Traverse

Photographer of the Day: Cinzio Farinelli

Category: Street Photographer: Cinzio Farinelli Photo: “Arcades of Turin” This beautiful image by Cinzio Farinelli titled “Arcades of Turin” immediately caught my eye this month. It is a stunning street

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Photographer of the Day: Pradeepkumar Devadoss

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Pradeepkumar Devadoss Photo: “Oriental Pratincole” A stunning shot of this Oriental Pratincole. The depth of field is perfect in creating the soft foreground and background and keeping the focus

Allan Jones is the Photofocus Photographer of the Day with his portrait "Beatrice Blaj."

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Portrait Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Beatrice Blaj” Fashion? Beauty, Boudoir? No matter which best suits your view of “Beatrice Blaj,” the photograph is a compelling portrait. It is professionally

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ritxy Photo: “Untitled” While normally a panorama — especially one where horizon lines are distorted — is not the ideal form of architectural photography, this magical view

Photographer of the Day: jordaneil

Category: Freedom Photographer: jordaneil Photo: “freedom” Protests can be filled with a range of emotions. But this capture I absolutely love, as it touches the past (being taken in 2007) and