One of my favorite things on the planet is Photoshop World. In fact Ive gone 20 times to it. Yes its about Photoshop but also Lightroom, and lighting, and shooting, and gear, and business. Howd you like to learn from these great folks?

  • Joe McNally
  • Dave Black
  • Moose Peterson
  • Joel Grimes
  • Jay Maisel
  • Brian Smith
  • Eddie Tapp
  • Erik Valind
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Peter Hurley
  • Tamara Lackey,
  • Zack Arias
  • plus many more!

The chance to get the BEST rate is about to pass (the biggest savings expire on March 17 at midnight). You can save $150 on the conference (making it $545 for new folks and $475 for Alumni). Use this link to redeem this deal

The thing that makes Photoshop World different from other shows and conferences is how welcoming the community is. Even if you don’t know a single person, you’ll have a great time. In fact Scott Kelby makes sure of that. He and I sat down for a quick conversation and I want to share a few highlights.


Everybody needs Photoshop friends, they can get help with the questions theyre stuck on. Everybody needs a photographer buddy where you can make these friends of the Photoshop World, which is about training and is about learning but it’s also about fun and there’s nothing wrong with fun, said Scott Kelby.

You’ll want to check out social events like the Tweet Up and the After Hours Party. And don’t miss the Midnight Madness event which is most definitely not about learning (and all about fun).

Photoshop World really has a community feel and a community vibe. We’re all learning were all having fun and it echoes from the attendees to the instructors even if you didn’t know anyone at the conference, said Kelby. Thats why we have so many after hours events.

You all meet at a predetermined location. For example, theres a new Italian restaurant, or a Chinese restaurant or a steakhouse and you put your name on the list to get a button that says I’m a stranger, said Kelby. You show up at that restaurant and sign in. You all wind up being together and it’s the first night of the conference and say you have a chance to make all kinds of friends and meet new people.

Besides all the things to help you network and make new friends theres world class training. I regularly sit in Photoshop World classes and I learn A LOT. These are the nicest, most passionate folks, who are top experts. Turns out Scott and his team only take the best.

I pick the instructors based on their heart and are they in this for the right reason. I want instructors at Photoshop World that are there because they are so passionate about teaching others and seeing the light bulb go on in somebody else and seeing that moment where all of a sudden it clicks for them, said Kelby.

There’s no room for an arrogant attitude or anything with our instructors and are instructors were hand picked because they are that approachable fun nice passionate, you know the kind teacher we all wish we had, said Kelby. We’re giving you a shortcut to get to where you want to go and I think when people how serious we take choosing instructors who were passionate and approachable and who quickly create the kinds of images that they want. I think that is one of the things that really has fueled the Photoshop World.


Remember, nows the time to get the BEST rate, which expires on March 17 at midnight. You can save $150 on the conference (making it $545 for new folks and $475 for Alumni). Use this link to redeem this deal

Plus if you haven’t already, be sure to enter our Photoshop World contest.