In this guide, we’ll be discussing what the Google My Business Profile is and why every photographer needs to set one up.

If you already have one set up, we’ll also be discussing the best tips to optimize your profile to start driving more local traffic and client bookings.

Let’s dive in.

What is the Google My Business profile?

The Google My Business profile, also referred to as GMB, is a free tool from Google that lets you manage your business on Google Search and Google Maps.

Within your GMB profile, you can include your business name, location, hours, reviews, add a category, answer questions and add photos.

If you have ever typed in a query on Google appended with “near me” or have searched for a service or restaurant, you may have already seen these GMB profiles.

Why have a GMB profile?

So what’s the importance of having these GMB profiles as a photographer?

Here are some stats:

  • 64% of consumers use Google My Business to find contact details (Brightlocal)
  • 49% of businesses receive more than 1,000 Views on Search per month (Brightlocal)

Another benefit of the GMB profile is that if you manage to get into the “Local 3-Pack,” which is the 3-spot you can see in the above screenshot, you will appear above the organic search results.

What’s the benefit of this?

Let’s say you are a New York portrait photographer and you are trying to rank for “New York portrait photographer” on Google, which has a monthly search volume of 100.

In my SEO for Photographers Guide, I mention that the first organic spot on Google receives approximately 37% of the clicks, the second spot receives roughly 16% and the 3rd spot receives around 9%. There’s a steep drop-off after that.

So using the example of a monthly search volume of 100, that means roughly 37 people click on the top spot for “New York portrait photographer” every month.

Since this is the keyword they are typing in, these are very warm leads who are most likely looking to book a session.

If you can have your business show up here and capture some of those 37 people, not only will it boost brand awareness and traffic, but it will boost your revenue — all for free.

I will be discussing how to optimize your profile to have the best chance of getting in the Local 3-Pack later in this article.

How to create GMB profile

In order to create your GMB profile, it’s very simple, go to this page, watch the video and sign up.

That’s it!

Tips to optimize GMB profile

Once you have your GMB profile set up, now is the time to optimize it to ensure you are providing all the info necessary for optimal position.

1. Ensure NAP is accurate

The NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. You will want to ensure this is correct in your GMB and that it matches what is on your website.

If your name, address or phone number is nowhere to be found on your website, make sure to include it.

2. Write a Google description

In the GMB, you can write a little description, make sure to write one that aligns with your mission statement. Users read this so state the services you offer and what makes you unique.

3. Pick an appropriate category

In the GMB, you can pick a category, pick one that matches the services you provide.

4. Upload amazing photos

The photos are some of the first things users see when they land on your GMB profile. Make sure to include photos — we are photographers, after all.

I recommend including some client shots from your portfolio, a behind the scenes photo of you photographing, and maybe a shot of your studio (if you have one).

5. Get reviews

Reviews are a very important ranking factor for your GMB profile. The more reviews you have (that are good reviews), the higher chances you have of ranking in the “Local 3-Pack.”

Make time to reach out to clients who enjoyed working with you and asking if they can leave a review on your GMB profile, and from here on out, ask every client to leave a review on your GMB profile once you deliver their photos.

6. Q&A

In the Q&A section, be sure to address some commonly asked questions.

7. Add hours

If you have a studio or you only work certain hours, be sure to include that!

Final remarks

That’s it, hope you learned something new about the GMB! Going to end this guide with a visual from Wordstream that reflects the above tips: