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Networking Opportunities: Always Be Prepared

Recently, I decided to attend an educational workshop discussing interior design color trends for 2016. Having taken up an interest in getting my photography and art into the hands of

An Exercise In Inspiration

As photographers, we often pride ourselves in our ability to see the inspiration and creative potential in any scene. This is a skill that comes through practice and the development

How Many Ways Can You Style a Photo?

Recently, I stumbled upon a simple flower photo I took years ago on vacation. It was snapped just for fun as I was walking along a path at a Michigan

To Rent Or Not To Rent Equipment

Years ago when I first started growing my photography business, I was contacted by a potential client to shoot her medium-sized wedding. It became quickly apparent to me that this

Which Wins – Arts or Smarts?

Browsing through the photos on 500px is always a humbling experience for me. If you ever want to get a quick punch-to-the-gut ego check, all you need to do is