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The Power of Video As a Marketing Tool

Recently, I threw a business head shot party, complete with music, refreshments, and mingling for the local businesses in my Port Huron, Michigan area. It was the first time I’d

With Portraits, It’s Not About You

I consider portraits my main photography genre. One thing I’ve come to notice is that no matter how great a photo I technically produce, the client will only be pleased if

Don’t Join the Comparison Game

Ever look at another photographer and compare your work or income level to theirs? Ever think you’re not as “good” or “successful” as they are? Ever mentally beat yourself up

The Many Paths of Income Today

Recently, I was having a discussion with the extremely skilled veteran photographer Bob Krist about how the photography industry has changed in the freelance editorial niche. Often in the past,

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Exploring A Port Huron Scene With Photomatix

For a while now, I’ve been itching to begin experimenting with incorporating the Photomatix software into my workflow. One bright sunny Michigan morning, I had the opportunity to do just

Trying To Stand Out? The Process Has Changed

In recent decades, the process of getting noticed as a professional photographer has changed drastically. The cost of decent photo gear has become so much more affordable, and it seems

Transitioning from Hobbyist to Pro: Part 2

In part 1 of this topic, we talked about the process of transitioning from a hobbyist to a professional photographer. We covered the importance of deciding what you want to

Transitioning from Hobbyist to Pro: Part 1

One thing I get continuously asked by hobbyists trying to go pro is some variation of, How do I even get started? Usually, well-meaning friends and family have already begun

The Art of Following Up

If you are anything like me, you want to move on to the next shoot once a previous once is finished. The pressure to keep a steady flow of work

Networking Opportunities: Always Be Prepared

Recently, I decided to attend an educational workshop discussing interior design color trends for 2016. Having taken up an interest in getting my photography and art into the hands of

An Exercise In Inspiration

As photographers, we often pride ourselves in our ability to see the inspiration and creative potential in any scene. This is a skill that comes through practice and the development

How Many Ways Can You Style a Photo?

Recently, I stumbled upon a simple flower photo I took years ago on vacation. It was snapped just for fun as I was walking along a path at a Michigan

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