In 2009, we’re adding some new features here at TWIPPHOTO.COM. One such feature is a new interview category. We’ll be interviewing both established and emerging photographers on a monthly basis. This is the first of those interviews.

Many of you are familiar with Rick Sammon. He is a prolific photographer who’s written more than 30 books, hosted 20 television programs, taught many workshops and written for both the web and several photo publications.

I interviewed Rick for TWIPPHOTO.COM right after Christmas.

1 – Scott: Please tell me how and when you got into photography.

RICK: As a kid, my father had a 4×5 view camera. Was fascinated by it. Like most the people I knew, I didn’t want to be a photographer. I wanted to be a rock star. Photography and music do have a lot in common. You have a tendency to be creative in both. I didn’t set out to be a photographer. I went to music school instead. Because I didn’t get much work as musician, I started submitted pictures and got published. I ended up getting a job as editor of “Studio Photography & Design.”
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