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Ft. Lauderdale is home to one of my oldest photography adventures, and I’m so happy to be there again. I hope you’ll come into town and join me for a fun evening making pictures of the city, people, and whatever we can find. It’s the best way to practice and make new friends, as well. […]

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Copyright Scott Bourne 2005 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2005 - All Rights Reserved

There are a very limited number of private workshops available with award-winning avian photographer Scott Bourne.

Southwest Florida is chock full of avian wildlife. Each winter, thousands of birds descend on Florida to soak up the sun and warm temperatures and to breed. Amazing photographs are there to be had if you have the right guide, know where and when to go, and are prepared with the right amount of information to succeed.

For the first time in five years, Scott Bourne is leading his private workshops in Florida. In 2010, Scott will lead six private, three day/two night workshops. You’ll meet your instructor at Noon in Fort Myers, FL on day one and the workshop will end with a late dinner at the end of day three, followed by return to your pickup location.

Fee: $1950 includes food, hotel and transportation (including one day on a private boat) from Fort Myers, FL. NOTE: Airfare to and from Florida is your responsibility. You may add a second person to the tour and split the fee for an additional $475.00. (A significant portion of the fee on this workshop goes toward hiring the boat and skipper.)

Private mentoring means you get all of the attention. You get exclusive access to the instructor, and your issues are the only issues that matter. You get all the good shots.. You get all the information. You get the best chance of success. Nothing will be held back. You’ll visit all the secret spots, get the best advice available, and come away with portfolio-worthy images. Continue reading

Florida’s Beautiful Bird Slide Show from Scott Bourne

I spent February 11-18 in the Fort Myers, Florida region co-leading a sold-out bird photography workshop with Artie Morris from Birds As Art. It was my first trip to Florida in three years and all I can say is wow! It won’t be three years before I return.

The weather was PERFECT – it was 75-80 degrees and sunny most days with a light marine layer in the mornings. This provided wonderful shooting opportunities and we were doubly blessed with lots and lots and lots of birds. The locals were friendly and the food was amazing.

Our workshop attendees were all very nice people too and several were extremely good photographers. We even had some TWIPPERS on the trip. We spent our mornings getting up before sunrise so we could be in position to do some flash-blurs in the pre-dawn hours. Continue reading

Photo and Article by Scott Bourne (Click here to see a larger version of the image.)

Photographing wildlife takes patience, practice and knowledge of your subject. In this case, I was also a little lucky.

I went to central Florida in February – near Palm Beach to photograph the many birds that migrate through and mate in that area.

On this occasion, I found this Great blue heron couple (Ardea herodias) displaying some great courtship behavior in a swamp.

To make this shot I had to know the following things…

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