Would you like to learn how to develop great photos in Lightroom?  We’d like to help you… and thanks to Mosaic Archive we can.  Mosaic commissioned the great team at Photofocus to create the best eBook on the planet about Lightroom.  We hope you enjoy it.

The new book is called “Develop Great Images in Lightroom.” In its 236 pages you’ll find practical advice and expert tips.  Learn from Nicole S. Young, Levi Sim, Rob Sylvan, Rich Harrington, and Gerard Murphy. This is no lightweight fluff.

You can get the book here...

It is currently only available as an iBook.  You will need an iPad or iPad mini to view or a Mac running OS 10.9 or newer.

While you are there. Be sure to pick up the top books (you’ll find all the photofocus books at the top of the charts). Please do this.

1. Get 72 Essays on Photography by Scott Bourne for .99¢  — Normally $4.99 (Also on Amazon Kindle for all platforms).

2. Download The Basic Beginner’s Guide to Photography Light & Exposure by Scott Bourne & Richard Harrington for Free — Normally $4.99

3. Pick up Secrets of HDR: Shooting Realistic Photographs by Scott Bourne & Richard Harrington for Free — Normally $4.99

4. Get Develop Great Images in Lightroom for Free – Normally $19.99.

5. Post a review on each book on its iBooks page (this REALLY helps us).

For those of you without an iPad, you can read the book on Scribd or embedded here. This version doesn’t have interactive slideshows, resizable photos, or embedded video.

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Join the conversation! 29 Comments

  1. Only available for Mac’s? Seriously?

  2. Very sad only on the Mac. :(

  3. Thank you Richard and everyone at Photofocus. Also everyone at Mosaic.

  4. It would be great to be able to enjoy this on a PC. A real pitty…

  5. I did scroll to the bottom. What part of this do YOU not get. “This version doesn’t have interactive slideshows, resizable photos, or embedded video.” You can “Read” it but, cannot download it for offline reading or interaction.

    The point is there are a lot of people who have something other than MAC enabled devices.

    • And as soon as there is a tool for making a version like that for PC or Android I’ll be all over it. But that software doesn’t exist. I’m sorry our generosity and free content offends you… feel free to read it in the web browser or use the Scribd app.

  6. […] New Lightroom iBook from the Photofocus—Free until 1 August – The release of a new iBook on Lightroom could not be better timed, given Apple announcing the discontinuation of Aperture today. And the iBook is free until 1 August. […]

  7. Thanks Richard, Photofocus and Mosaic! Hard to believe you’re getting trolled for giving stuff away…I guess it proves the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished :0) Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you for saying thank you. The writing team logged close to 400 hours making this book. Hard to believe how many complaints we get since we did release via both iBooks and Scribd. That means it works for all devices. Is the iBooks version better… yep. But that’s because there isn’t an enhanced EPUB standard that works on other devices or a tool that lets us create one.

  8. This is a great book – even without the interactive stuff.Written in very simple,plain English I’ll be rating it in the store. And did I mention the price? It’s my shout till August!

  9. My iPad shows downloading – for 36 hours. Please help.
    I’ve restarted my iPad. I have the latest version of iOS and iBooks. I have 13G available. I’ve held the sleep/home buttons.
    Still shows downloading.
    Please help.

  10. […] Our New Book Is Here – And Free Until August 1 | Photofocus […]

  11. Thank you for the book and for the hard work from you and the team.
    The download was very quick when connected to my wifi connection.
    Thank you again

  12. Thanks for a great eBook Richard and team. Took overnight to download but definitely worth it. Thanks again team!!!!

  13. Thanks for a great eBook Richard and team. Took overnight to download but definitely worth it. I’m an old hand at LR but always something new to learn and your eBook hits the spot. Thanks again team!!!!

  14. I’m guessing that the free promo for The Basic Beginner’s Guide and Secrets of HDR are no longer available, since iBook is saying they’re not anymore. That’s a bummer, but I can still get the new one for free… if it ever downloads. Even on Wifi, it’s just sitting there. :(

  15. ’m OLD school. I like to hold books. I downloaded this e-book to give it a try. While on vacation and sitting in our motorhome i started to read this, then I read something new and wasn’t aware off, so I thought, I’ll open up my Lightroom and check it out. Wow that was easy and fun. Read it, try it, learn it. What a great format. and it’s always on my computer along with Lightroom. This has definitely changed my way to learn. I am ready for the next book!

  16. Thank you for creating and sharing this!

  17. I’ve used LR for some time and consider myself a fairly good power user. So, I downloaded the book thinking “I’ll take a look but I doubt it’ll tell me anything”. I was wrong! Sure, there are the basics here for new users, but the authors’ experiences and know-how are here too which bring some valuable insight into the more subtle aspects of PP. There’s also a good smattering of short-cuts that I for one hadn’t found by myself. So, a great book guys and thanks for making it free! If you’re reading this post after the free period ends, then I’d not hesitate to recommend you buying it!


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