Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post from Mark Morrow.

Not all shoots go as planned.  In this video, I shared a few thoughts on learning from the unexpected, and the benefit of utilizing public parking garages after hours for nightscape and portrait sessions.

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  1. You mentioned a few times that this would be a great backdrop for a model pose. it’s unclear exactly where you meant. Did you mean in the frame of what you shot? Or take them to the top of the garage and shoot from the perspective of where you are? Inside of the the garage? Or just anywhere in a garage? Sorry but that was driving me mad because you didn’t give an example of what you meant. Thanks for the tip though.

    • Any or all of the above would do, Paul. Now that I’m personally aware of the spot, I would certainly set up in a similar location, and scout lower floors and angles as well. Apologies for any undue madness.


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