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Photographer of the Day: Robert J. Cooney

Category: Street Photograph: Robert J. Cooney I’m a huge fan of long exposures. And Robert’s capture here is certainly unique. In addition to the bus whizzing by on the street,

Why Long Exposure Photography?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Leanne Cole, an incredible photographer from Melbourne, Australia. See more of her work here, and we hope to see more education from

Photographing the Supermoon

On Monday we’ll experience the largest supermoon in more than 60 years. That’s not as long as we needed to wait for a Cubs’ World Series win, but it’s a

Timelapsing Car Streaks at Night

Timelapses are really cool ways to show time progression and I love to create one or two in every city I travel to. Over the summer, I had a short stay at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta and shot a really cool timelapse of car streaks outside the hotel. It didn’t take long and was a lot of fun to produce.

Photo of the Day: Risenstock Starshow

Category: Architecture/Landscape Photography by Originally shared on the Photofocus Facebook page. Richard braved freezing cold temperatures to capture the magnificent night-time sky above Uri Switzerland. This shot masterfully combines crystal-clear

Shooting Landscapes? Go the Extra Mile

Landscape photography brings its own rewards. Being in a beautiful place at a tranquil time of day is therapeutic. Add good company, and it doesn’t really matter if you make

How to Use HDR for Nighttime Photography

Making pictures at nighttime can be challenging. Parts of a picture that are lit with street lamps or other lights are very bright compared to the darkness of the sky

Photo of the Day: Under the Gateway

Category: Architecture Photograph: Under the Gateway, by Murray Fox Originally shared on the Photofocus Google Plus community. To learn how your work can be featured on the site, please read

Photowalk: Downtown Portland Bridges

You can sign up for more information here and to see your spot h We’ll walk and make pictures and talk and trade beta on cameras. Maybe we’ll end up

Why Shooting Raw Matters

I just wrapped up teaching several workshops at Photoshop World. I led a night sky timelapse workshop. Shooting raw was absolutely essential to getting great results. The range of detail

Learning From the Unexpected

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Mark Morrow. Not all shoots go as planned. In this video, I shared a few thoughts on learning from the unexpected, and

Getting Started with Nightscapes

Winter is the perfect time to practice nighttime photography. I took advantage of the long nights during my Christmas holiday to make some photographs with a friend who hadn’t done

Firework Photography Tips

Today is the Fourth of July. A day that traditionally means fireworks in the United States. While you may or may not celebrate this holiday, summer is a season filled

Long Exposures Without a Tripod

A fun technique when shooting water is to go for the long exposure. The water goes silky and becomes great to look at. For many, this type of shooting means

What was I thinking? Nighttime HDR without a Tripod

A shoot recently in Washington, DC. The winds were 20 mph. No tripods allowed. My camera only would shoot three exposures in auto-bracket mode. Adobe Photoshop to the rescue. ________________________